Glad to meet you!

I’m currently looking for a new opportunity, and would love to speak with you about open positions that may be a good fit.

In the most recent year, I’ve been focused on NodeJS projects for API-centric, cloud-ready microservices often utilizing Docker for containerization and MongoDB for backend storage. I prefer to keep my projects ahead of the technology curve whenever practical, so I’ve used ES6/ES7 standards as a base for my Node programs, and have pursued adoption of Koa as my preferred content server (#everythingismiddleware).

In prior years, I focused mainly on PHP and MySQL projects built from scratch or based on standard frameworks (WordPress, Laravel, CodeIgniter). My experience in website development began more than a decade ago, with LAMP stacks (before they’d been so-named), primitive AJAX (before jQuery was a thing), and CSS2 (in the days of bitmapped gradients and color-safe palettes, oh the horror..).

I’m super passionate about topics of information security and crypto, and would love some work that gets me deeper into these realms.

I’m seeking an invigorating challenge.

Something that inspires me to wake up early and work through dinner. I’m open to most anything that brings me closer to the forefront of the future. The position can be wildly different than anything I’ve done before! I am ultimately most interested in what can be, not what has been. Inspiration is my addiction.