I appreciate Bill Maher’s personality and intellect. He’s an enlightenment. Bill’s hour-long live show, which has thrived since its birth on HBO several years ago, is dedicated mostly to critical debate of the week’s themes in politics. He provides fair opportunity to his guests of the opposition — and he tries to call bullshit whenever he smells it, no matter wherefrom did the smell make its eminence emanation.

On his October 26th, 2018, show, he finally joined the vocal chorus of those who proclaim the need for an end to contemporary society’s suffocation under a giant, sopping-wet blanket of political correctness (amidst the winter solstice, for f***s sake).

As the final “New Rule” of the final episode of the month October, Bill lit up the house — rhetorically, of course — as he incinerated the most pretentious holiday of all: Halloween.

And then there’s the trap we walk into every year.

Now I personally don’t care if you go trick-or-treating dressed as 0.01% of Elizabeth Warren…

… but the Office of Scolding Justice Warriors has decreed:

No Hula girls, no Indian chiefs, no Southern Belles, no Daniel Boone.

No geishas, ninjas, gypsies, mobsters, terrorists.

No Cleopatra.

Pirates offend one-eyed people.

You can’t dress as a hobo, because it makes li[ght] of the homeless.

You can’t dress as Quasimodo, because it offends hunchbacks.

You can’t get dressed as an escaped mental patient… 

… because it offends Kanye…

The sexy Handmaid’s Tale costume has already been pulled from the shelves — and an apology issued — lest someone be offended by the ironic take on a character that doesn’t exist, from a fictional world that never happened.

You know, not everything that merely alludes to another culture is racist or cultural appropriation. Really.

“Imagine there’s no countries; it isn’t hard to do.” …

Halloween was always fun because it wasn’t P.C.

Not being P.C. is almost the whole point of the holiday!

But now everything has to turn into a federal case of Snowflakes vs. Humor.


And then some “Cultural Studies Professor” will go on TV to try to explain his “outrage.” And Tucker Carlson will look at him like this:

The majority of America is with the Democrats on the issues. They just find the “woke” people irritating as Hell.

In a new poll, 80% of Americans find political correctness to be a problem — including: 75% of African-Americans, 74% of Americans under 30, 82% of Asians, 87% of Hispanics, 88% of Native Americans [Indians].

If you’re not a statistician, let me break those numbers down for you:


— including the so-called “marginalized groups” whose feelings you’ve decided need protecting.

Because, trust me:

Somewhere right now, there are three clueless white girls in Texas, who are planning to go as a mariachi band….

… and when they do, liberal Twitter will lose their shit, and the rest of America will go,

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, when did liberals become the Fun Police? Does anybody remember when conservatives were the ones with the sticks up their asses?!

We went from “YES, we can!” to “Oh, NO you didn’t.

Kudos to Bill Maher and his team for speaking up and out on a sharp-edged issue. Vocalized dissent is healthy. And while most major media outlets in today’s world remain controlled by the Twitterati’s clinically insane children-at-large, the intellectual minds of un-celebratory humanity thank you for your contribution in kind.

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