Hi! I'm Alden Gillespy, a super modern web software engineer.

I'm currently working with #stacks in Node, PHP, and Python, for REST API microservice development for all ends.

Let's get to know each other better!

I come with all the things. #fullstacked

  • Back-end

    • NodeJS stacks
    • PHP stacks
    • Python stacks
    • RDBMS
    • NoSQL (Solr, Elasticsearch)
    • Laravel, CodeIgniter
    • Wordpress
    • Mac and *nix
    • AWS cloud servs
    • 3rd-party APIs
  • Front-end

    • ES7 / ES2016
    • CSS3 (esp. variables + flex layout)
    • Bootstrap / Foundation
    • React
    • HTML5 media elements
  • Devtools

    • Docker
    • npm
    • Sass
    • VS Code
    • Postman
    • Chrom(e|imium)
    • composer
    • Spotify 🎧
  • More tech

    • Squirt toys

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Yeah, I'm a pretty active personality 😉

Some more about me

I like long walks on the beach 🏖, drinking cocktails 🍹 and coffee ☕, photographing unicorns 🦄, rainbows 🌈, sunsets 🌇, nightlife 🎉, the sun ☀ and the moon 🌕 and the beautiful stars 🌃, cats 😼, fresh air 🏞, and the excitement of every moment 🔥!

(what a mouthful! 😊 let's break this down a bit)

  • My cat

    I love life. Pretty self-explanatory, no? :) Life keeps everything spicy and warm. Sometimes too hot, but hey, the sun is a nuclear reactor! #Heat is essential for everything. And if you need to cool off, there's always the ocean. 😎

    I'm always curious. To me, curiosity is the strongest asset a human can have. Without curiosity, where's the motivation for exploration? Life is boring without it!

    I crave wisdom. There's no greater calling.

  • My cat

    Yep, I have a cat. She's the most beautiful (obviously), and I couldn't bear to live without her. When a cat has no home and asks you for shelter, you give her shelter! I did that a year ago and have loved every moment of her 😸

  • Sailboats in the harbor at sunset

    I'm passionate about photography. Did I mention I like sunsets and water?

Still on the fence? 😑

Okay... so listen to my clients:

I hired a web specialist to design a website for my small business and handle the firm's Internet marketing. Although a paid click campaign regularly landed us in the top two positions, the bounce rate on click-throughs was high and, not surprisingly, few prospects took the next step to contact us. The website wasn't working as hoped. And just as important, we couldn't get the consultant to provide process transparency. As a result, I hired Alden to create a better website. The results were amazing. We received prompt service and excellent communication throughout redesign and relaunch. Best of all, the new site was soon providing good leads. We were so pleased we decided to keep Alden on retainer to monitor our progress. I highly recommend him for your Internet marketing needs.
John, President and CEO, FDA 510k Consultants

Time to connect! 😀